Pyramid Shades

Count to thirty. Done. The structure can be put up in less than 30 seconds and the same goes for packing it away.


The major concern for those out in the Sun is how ones skin will be affected. With Pyramid Shades, you don't need to worry about that. Due to its closed design, the shade protects you from 3/4 sides.

Fabric is ARPANSA certified. The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is the Australian Government's primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. 

Studies have shown the actual sun protection factor of an umbrella “is probably between (SPF) 3 and 7 in real-life” (assuming the fabric blocks out all harmful rays). This is why coverage from the sides is important.

One Pyramid Shade utilises the fabric equivalent to approximately two and a half umbrellas. 

Mesh fabric is provided at the bottom rear of the sunshade. This allows for air to travel through the shade and keep cool in hot summer days.

The compact nature gives the freedom to take on any journey without the strain in getting there. Pyramid Shades unique design allows for the structure to fold within itself and into an integrated bag. 

Say goodbye to losing the carry bag! 

Once compacted it is only 60cm (23.6in) long and weighs 2.2kg (4.85lb) making it perfect for every adventure. You won’t even know it’s with you!


• Patent Pending Design

The patent pending design of the Pyramid Shades allows for the entire structure to collapse into itself and within the integrated bag. It can be put up and down in less than 30 seconds.

• Integrated Bag

The entire shade collapses into the integrated bag and hence needs no additional baggage. It also makes it super easy to carry and transport.

• UV Protected Fabric

The fabric of the shade is UV blocking and protects your skin from the harmful effects of Sun. The fabric is ARPANSA certified which is an Australian government body regulating the radiation protection. 

• Lightweight

Pyramid Shade weighs just 2.2 kg/ 4.85 lb which makes portability and handling convenient.

• 4 X Sand Pocket

The sand pockets at the corners are designed to keep the shade in place. All you have to do is fill the pockets with sand and the shade is set to place. If you are not at the beach, the pockets can be filled with any other object that weighs the shade down.

• Optional Fan

If you need, you can also opt for a mini-fan that is included in our Pyramid Power Pack.

• Phone Pocket

Keep your phone and other valuables up from the ground and out of sight so that they are safe in the specially designed Phone Pocket.

• Ventilation Mesh

Let in that cool breeze - The ventilation mesh allows for fresh air to circulate through the shade and out the other end.

• Pull strings

The pull strings assist in putting the shade up and also can be used to peg down the shade if you don't have any weights handy.